CLOUDY SCHOOLの中学校では、体の仕組みや生理周期、妊娠・避妊方法などについての性教育を実施しています。



🌺"Let’s change the world with cloth sanitary pads”🌺

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Sex education class at CLOUDY SCHOOL💐

In sub-Saharan African countries, early marriage and pregnancy among teenagers is a major social problem.

There is no end to the number of female students who become pregnant at a young age and drop out of school.
In fact, in urban areas in Ghana, nearly 20% of teenagers become pregnant, drop out of school, and are unable to continue their studies.

At CLOUDY SCHOOL junior high schools, we provide sex education on topics such as body mechanisms, menstrual cycles, pregnancy, and contraceptive methods.

It is also true that normal sanitary pads in Ghana are not only expensive but also of poor quality. Some students don't go to school during their menstrual period because they can't buy them. This is common knowledge among female students in Ghana.

We provide cloth sanitary pads to junior high school girls.
We are aiming for a future where girls in Ghana can make their own cloth sanitary pads.

🌺"Let’s change the world with cloth sanitary pads”🌺