Farmer’s day in Ghana




CLOUDY SCHOOLでは2021年に農教育を始め、子ども達のすさまじい成長を目にすることが出来ました。



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Today is the Farmer’s Day in Ghana 🌱🇬🇭

Farmers Day is a day to honor and celebrate the efforts of farmers and fishermen.

Agriculture in Ghana is greatly affected by changes in the weather, and the country has experienced severe droughts in the past, which have had a big impact on yields.
At a time like this, hunger and malnutrition were on the rise due to an over-reliance on farmers for food. However, now the agricultural industry has grown to 30%.
Farmer's Day is also a day to celebrate overcoming such hardships.

At CLOUDY SCHOOL, we started agricultural education in 2021, and we were able to witness the tremendous growth of the children.
In addition, the school lunch support that connects from this involves not only the children but also the community, giving them the opportunity to learn about the importance of food and gradually creating a healthy body.

Agriculture in Ghana still faces many problems, but we believe that together we can create a bright future.

I'm going to do a lot of shopping at the local market today🥰