Every day I am surprised at how much happiness I feel in Ghana has changed.

In Japan, it is common for people to search for something online and instantly change it, but in Ghana they can't find it even after months of searching.

I'll never forget the happiness I felt the moment I finally found it.
I have come to love finding things that I had no interest in before, and I keep looking back at the photos I took when I found them.

Ghana suffers from frequent power outages and water outages.
I feel from the bottom of my heart that I am lucky and blessed to have electricity and water at home. Even during frequent power outages, I will never forget the happiness I felt the moment the electricity was turned on.

When I stay in Ghana, I see a more and more pure version of myself.

What does "normal" mean? What does "poor pity" mean? I have more and more time to think about this.

What I thought was normal may not be normal somewhere in the world. What I thought was pathetic when viewed from a distance may turn out to be something that makes me feel happy when I experience it myself.

Ghana gives us many new insights every day.